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José Luis Solleiro Rebolledo


Senior researcher at the Center for Applied Science and Technological Development of the National University of Mexico (UNAM) since 2000. Currently, he is National Researcher Level II and Director of UNAM’s Technology Transfer Office.

He was founder of the Center for Technological Innovation where he managed the Technology Transfer Office (1984-1991) and the Academic Programs Direction (1991-1993).

He was the first director general of AgroBIO Mexico (2000-2002) and its Scientific Director (2003-2008).

He has published more than 175 academic papers in journals, books and proceedings. He has given lectures in undergraduate and graduate programs in institutions of 17 countries. He has directed 18 college-level thesis, 17 at master level and 8 at doctoral level.

He has been consultant for private firms in Mexico, universities, institutions and international organizations in different matters related to innovation management and technology policy.

He has had scholarships granted by the governments of Austria, Brazil, Canada, South Corea and United Kingdom as well as by WIPO and UNAM.

He has awarded the Gabino Barreda medal to the best students of UNAM and the Mexico’s Best Student Medal, the Recognition of the Universidad Nacional for Young Researchers and the Jesús Silva Herzog Prize of Economics Research. In 2005 he was named Doctor Honoris Causa by the Consejo Iberoamericano en Honor a la Excelencia Educativa.

He has evaluated international programs and projects as well as academic institutions. He has been referee for journals of technology management such as Technovation, International Journal of Technology Management, Electronic Journal of Biotechnology and Problemas del Desarrollo.

Currently, he co-ordinates CamBioTec, a technological collaboration network for Latin America. Between 2005 and 2008, he was Manager of the Agri-food Area of the Iberoamerican Program of Science and Technology for Development (CYTED).


2nd Fair of Inventions y Technosphere

In Mexico City, the Fair of Inventions and Technosphere are the best projection platforms for business based on technology

The Capital of Knowledge: Poster sessions

50 projects will be presented daily with the best technological inventions of citizens, academics, researchers and entrepreneurs in Mexico City.

Apptualize “Developing apps for business”


During 48 hours, 150 mobile developers will work on apps that can be useful to the collaborating companies with the objective of generating business opportunities.